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Eleven Engineering Incorporated formally announced today the creation of a modular development system for its xiSPIKE (“SPIKE”) wireless video game control technology.


Edmonton, Alberta – Eleven Engineering Incorporated formally announced today the creation of a modular development system for its xiSPIKE (“SPIKE”) wireless video game control technology. SPIKE is the world’s most advanced wireless solution for the video agen slot online  game industry. Modular technology enables manufacturers to integrate existing cost-effective components to develop and manufacture wireless for video game products.


“The modular development approach enables manufacturers to significantly reduce development and testing time on wireless gamepads and other wireless products for video game control,” states John Sobota, CTO of Eleven Engineering. “It is one of the many exclusive benefits we offer for our customers.”


SPIKE is the world’s only technology that enables consumers to upgrade popular video game consoles simply by adding one QuadX(TM) transceiver to the console’s controller ports. A single QuadX provides simultaneous multiplayer connectivity for up to four wireless controllers. SPIKE wireless video game technology offers Cross Platform, Dynamic Bonding (TM), Multitype, Multipoint functionality, and much more. SPIKE wireless is so advanced that the entire process is automatic; the user simply turns the controller on and it instantly bonds with a QuadX in the area.


“Eleven Engineering works hard to understand the needs of our customers and continually drives to reduce their development time and costs,” states Donald A. Thomas, Jr., Vice-President, Sales of Eleven. “The ease of development combined with the protection of multiple patents makes SPIKE a compelling way to bring wireless controllers to market.”


SPIKE is currently being adopted by multiple peripheral and accessory companies for worldwide distribution by fourth quarter 2002.


About the SPIKE Standard for Wireless Video Game Control

xiSPIKE(TM) (“SPIKE”) sets the standard for reliable wireless video game controllers enabling manufacturers to create compatible products that work across multiple game platforms. Multiple Brand Support provides consumers with the benefits of multiple manufacturers shipping a variety of compatible SPIKE control devices. SPIKE control devices are exceptionally reliable and compatible with SPIKE QuadX(TM) transceivers. SPIKE control devices work cross-platform; a SPIKE controller purchased for PS2 will also work on Xbox(TM), etc. SPIKE supports advanced functions including multipoint (up to four control devices per QuadX transceiver) and Dynamic Bonding(TM). SPIKE is upgradeable to support bi-directional voice in the future. SPIKE is the world’s most capable technology for wireless game control (multiple patents and patents pending). For specifications and white papers, visit


About Eleven Engineering

With locations in San Francisco, Tokyo, Chicago, New York, Calgary, and headquarters in Edmonton, Canada, Eleven develops and markets high performance nanocell platforms and semiconductors. Eleven’s xiSPIKE(TM) (“SPIKE”) is a versatile, robust, inexpensive wireless platform that targets hundreds of real-time, short-haul, wireless applications. Powerful and flexible enough to be adopted as an industry standard by many sectors globally, SPIKE is a real-time, multipoint, low-cost, radio frequency technology. SPIKE utilizes Eleven’s advanced XInC(TM) (“zinc”) semiconductor product. XInC is a revolutionary, hyper-efficient, multithreaded embedded processor that may be used in thousands of wireless and general-purpose applications. For more information, visit


xiSPIKE, SPIKE, the SPIKE logo, XInC, QuadX, Dynamic Bonding are trademarks of Eleven Engineering Incorporated. Other tradenames are properties of their owning companies.


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