Smartgameads’s Bid Management service allows us to consolidate the purchase, management, optimization and reporting aspects of your pay for performance search marketing campaigns under one simple umbrella.


Smartgameads has direct, certified partnerships with leading pay-per-click search engines that allow us to place and manage our clients’ paid listings directly within their account management systems. Our years of experience, our technical proficiency and our proven ability to deliver relevant listings are the reasons the leading PPC engines and clients select Smartgameads to implement Bid Management programs.


Our Bid Management service is designed to be flexible in meeting all your search campaign goals. While we manage the campaigns for you, we are in constant contact and you are in control.




Increase your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for your pay-per-click campaign.

You’re an instant expert: Benefit from Smartgameads’s pay-per-click optimization expertise & methodology.

Reduce your overhead: Focus on your core business while we focus on maximizing your ROAS.

Broaden your reach: Leverage expanded opportunities with Smartgameads’s unique pay-per-click distribution network.

Access Smartgameads Feed Management data mining technology to optimize your keyword bidding strategies.


I have paid placement campaigns on Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions/Google/FindWhat/Enhance/etc. that I want someone to manage and optimize. Can you do this?

The Bid Management service Smartgameads provides is different from what you may be familiar with in the marketplace. Our ideal/typical bid management client is looking for one partner (Smartgameads) to handle all aspects of its search marketing programs. This client is concerned primarily with making sure they acquire conversions at an acceptable, pre-defined target rate for each overall campaign, and not with keyword-specific Playable Mobile Ads metrics. For these clients, we are able to take over the entire management of all their pay-per-click campaigns, and provide them with aggregate, search engine-specific reporting.


How does TL bid management work?

You give us your keyword lists and pricing guidelines, and we do the rest and report to you on a monthly or weekly basis.


What does your bid management service cost?

Please contact a Smartgameads representative for pricing.


How are you different from GoToast?

GoToast is a self-service tool that requires your time and expertise to manage each keyword in each of your PPC campaigns. Smartgameads is a full-service organization that does the work for you and manages each campaign to your specifications, and offers centralized reporting.




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