I just wanted to take a moment to welcome a new advertiser: BetWin-Poker.

BetWin-Pok slot onlain er is an independent online poker information site. In fact, there is an online poker guide that I wish I’d had when I started playing online poker 3 years ago. To the experienced player this information may not be attractive, but to a newbie like we all once were, this can help you to understand what the process is for getting to the point of playing for real money. The explanations of the types of tournament variations found in online poker would have been nice to have as well.

The online poker site reviews are set up nicely as well. Each is laid out in a template that presents the information in a consistent manner, making it easy to compare bonuses or game variations or a half-dozen other factors to be used in making poker room decisions.

Again, welcome to BetWin-Poker. I know many of you surfing into this site are new to the game and I’d encourage you to check them out before you sign up to play.

Douchebag Quarterback

The best t-shirt I’ve seen in a long time!

So, yeah, I caught that one on the website of one of Tampa’s news station. Figures someone in a conference-rival town would come up with that one.

My Jacksonville Jaguarss play the the Falcons early in the season, so it’s looking pretty good that they’re not going to have to worry about containment on Vick. However, these things have a way of firing a team up, making them want to show they’re about more than just one star player, so I think anyone playing the Falcons early better not take them lightly. Any given Sunday, and all that.

Obligatory Poker Content: Um, no, too many 2-outers this week. Let’s wait til things swing back my way.

World’s Hottest Female Sports Reporters [PICS]

I’ve become jaded about the web. But, this article makes me believe in the awesomeness that is the internet, once more. A sampling:

“Hot female sports reporters were invented to increase ratings. I mean, to provide up-to-the-minute sideline analysis of injuries, strategies, and mini-interviews. And to increase ratings. For the most part, these women are articulate and knowledgeable about sports. But for the most part, us men don’t care. Boobies! Boobies! Boobies!”

Outlaw College! Tuition causes teen to rob bank

Teen accused of robbing bank for tuition

The Associated Press

A college student accused of robbing a bank had been worried for months about his mounting tuition bills, his mother said.

Hey, some idiot Congressman blamed online poker for causing another idiot to rob a bank, so when are we going to outlaw college?

It’s all over the news. Jacksonville poker players are going to all be painted with the ‘degenerate’ brush because of one idiot.

From the Florida Times-Union:

Dad’s curiosity about poker, leaving kids in car, lands him in jail


That’s it, just give people the ammunition they want to paint all poker players as degenerate gamblers that neglect their children. Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

Curious? Well, now you know. Here’s a list of things you learned:

  1. Poker is not worth endangering your kids.
  2. Poker is not worth going to jail.
  3. Poker is not worth risking a divorce.
  4. Poker is not worth risking losing your kids.
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