Togel Hari Ini
Togel Hari Ini


Baccarat is a thrilling game played at major casinos all over the world. The player’s objective is to wager on his prediction that either the player’s hand will win, the banker’s hand will win, or that the game will result in a tie.

Rules Of Play

The object of baccarat is to predict if the player or the banker’s hand will get a point value closest to 9, keeping in mind that all ten-value cards count as zero and Aces count as one. The hand with the highest point value wins.

The highest total any baccarat hand can have is nine. A two-card total of nine is called a “natural” and cannot lose. An eight is the second-best hand and is also called a “natural”. If both the player and banker are dealt identical hands, it’s a standoff (a tie) and neither the banker nor the player hand wins.

You do not receive any cards, or play against anyone but to predict which hand will beat the other.

The player and the banker are each dealt a two-card hand. Following standard baccarat rules, a third card is dealt to the player and/or the banker.

Hand Values

Ace = one point

Face cards and tens = zero

All other cards carry the point value stated on the card. If the cards in a hand total more than ten points, simply subtract ten; the remainder is the baccarat point value of the hand. For example: 8+8=16, which counts as a 6 in baccarat; and a Jack+7=17, which counts as 7.

Third Card Rules

The following baccarat rule chart governs when the player and/or the banker will automatically be dealt (i.e. “draws”) a third card in the Baccarat game: If the point value of the first two cards is 8 or 9, this is called a Natural. If anyone is dealt a Natural the game ends and no third card is dealt to anyone.

Casino Games: Roulette


In Roulette, the player tries to predict which number slot on the Togel Hari Ini Roulette wheel that the ball will land on.


The roulette wheel is marked with numbers 1 through 36, with an additional “0” and “00”. The numbers are alternately coloured red and black, and the “0” and “00” are green.

The roulette layout is divided into different sections – individual numbers and group bets. Bets made on individual or adjacent numbers or small groups of numbers are referred to as ‘inside bets’ whilst the bets covering groups of 12 or 18 numbers (e.g. red, odd, etc.) are known as ‘outside bets’.

Inside Bets

Straight Up – A bet on any single number including “0” and “00”, placed directly on the number.

Split Bet – A bet on two adjacent numbers, placed on the line between the 2 numbers , including 0 and 00.

Street Bet – A bet on all three numbers in a row, placed on the line at the end of the row. Also can be placed on 0, 1, and 2. As well as, 0, 00, and 2. Or 00, 2, and 3.

Corner Bet – A bet on a group of four numbers, placed at the corner where the 4 numbers touch.

Five Bet – A bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, placed at the corner by 0 and 1.

Line Bet – A bet on six numbers (2 rows of 3 numbers), placed at the end of two rows on the line between them.

Outside Bets

Column Bet – A bet on an entire column, placed on a 2-1 box at the end of a column.

Dozen Bet – A bet on a group of 12 numbers, placed on the 1st 12 box (numbers 1-12), 2nd 12 box (numbers 13-24), or 3rd 12 box (numbers 25-36).

Colour Bet – A bet on all of the red numbers or all of the black numbers, placed on the red box (all red numbers) or the black box (all black numbers).

Even/Odd – A bet on all even numbers or all odd numbers, placed on the even box (all even numbers) or the odd box (all odd numbers).

Low/High Number – A bet on all low numbers or all high numbers, placed on the low box (numbers 1-18) or the high box (numbers 19-36).

If 0 or 00 is spun, all outside bets lose.



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